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Dr. Bud with family at 2007 Family Intel 5K Fun Run.

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“Finish Strong sounds like a football coach talking. Bud: Thanks ... I’m hearing a lot of “Buzz” surrounding wellness here in the city. Thanks for reenergizing us!”  -- Lonnie Turner, City of Portland to learn more about Dr. Bud’s Life

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Dr. Bud assists employee at workplace

Dr. Bud after 2007 Blue Lake Oregon Sprint Triathlon

Dr. Bud Kid’s Youth Running Coach 7 years running

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

- - Dr. Wayne Dyer

“The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.  - - Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” - - Tony Robbins

“What you think and what you feel and what you create is always a match. Every single time. No exception.”

- - Abraham/Esther Hicks

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Dr. Bud Sponsors Kid’s Off-Road Triathlon

Dr. Bud Youth XC Running Coach

Dr. Bud Founder & Sponsor of Annual Fitness Work Kids Duathlon to learn about other FITNESSWORK, LLC Services like Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Workplace Wellness Consulting, Workplace Stretching Programs, Safety Compliance Auditing, CPR & Medic First Aid Certifications, Ergonomic Assessments and Bicycle Bootcamps and trail tours.

“Building a better you is the first step to building a better America - - Zig Ziglar

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George ‘Bud’ Harris, PhD, cWC, CPT, CET, is the past Executive Director and Chairman of the Oregon Governor’s Executive Council on Physical Fitness & Sports and led the states Workplace Wellness efforts. A Safety Engineer, Health and Wellness Coach and a popular speaker around National Health, Fitness & Safety Conferences; Bud’s simple in-your-face message of “JUST DO ANYTHING” has inspired and helped change lives for 25 years in the USA and Europe.

Dr. Bud is an Eagle Scout and Anthony Robbins Mastery University Graduate of 20 years. Coupled with his 10 years US Air Force abroad in Europe serving NATO, 1st Combat Com and the Nuclear Ground Launch Cruise Missile (GLCM) program, a Naval Officer step dad shaped his straight forward message and dose of reality.

With over 25 years of health and wellness experience, a diverse education and an expertise in many facets of the health and fitness world, Dr. Bud was the recipient of the 2005 National Association for Health and Fitness Member of the Year Award honored for his work with Workplace Health and Wellness Promotion along side the Portland Area American Society of Safety Engineers and his Oregon Youth athletic programming. He is the current Program Director and Coach of the City of Hillsboro (Oregon)  Mountain Biking Programs and Youth XC Running Programs. He finds joy in motivating kids and adults to discover health and movement!

Currently, Dr. Bud is a National Speaker and Wellness Coach for Wellness Coaches USA and was recently employed at Intel in Hillsboro. Prior Dr. Bud managed the Environmental, Safety and Health (EHS) Program for Tyco Electronics, a 700+ employee base multinational electronics corporation in Wilsonville, Oregon. His 6th Year Oregon OSHA SHARP Award and ErgoWell Program also received nomination as the GIC North American candidate for the prestigious international Tyco EHS Excellence Award due to his Workplace Health and Wellness Program initiatives: Being “Fit for Duty” a must!

He was a multi-sport three-year varsity letterman in southern California and played in the Southern California Shrine All-Star football game earning him the opportunity to play football at Linfield College in Oregon and Bakersfield Junior College. But he ended up in the United States Air Force and settled on mountain biking and wrestling where he placed 1st in the Mediterranean Sports Conference and 3rd overall at 198lbs in the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Command level Wrestling Championships.

He currently competes in local triathlons and is an avid  mountain biker and instructorAs a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (CFT)  and Certified Ergonomics Technician, Dr. Bud had the opportunity to coach at Bally’s Total Fitness and was the Captain of the 2005 Tyco Electronics PI Hood to Coast 12 Person Relay Team. He lives in Hillsboro with his Danish wife Marie and two teenage daughters, Erika and Elisia. He can be seen around Hillsboro Just Doing Anything!

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